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A Co-Parenting Mom's Journey from Fear to Freedom

When Richard left, my emotions were fear, bewilderment and hate. I wanted to block him out, never see him again. I didn't want him to have anything to do with the children. I felt that if he was going to reject me in such a way there would come a time when he would reject our children, become bored with them as he becomes bored with many of his hobbies. I wanted to protect them, but mainly I wanted to protect myself. I couldn't look at him.

 I am surprised I never crashed driving away after dropping the children off because I was hysterical, blind with tears. It was only fear, fear of yet another row, that stopped me curtailing his hours with the kids, telling him that he couldn't see them so much, because I couldn't see him so much.

Read the rest at Writing Through Your Divorce blog to find out how this co-parenting mom moved from fear to giving her sons the freedom to love their father.

photo by Bart Hickman

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