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“Parenting is More Than Just Putting a Roof Over Your Kids’ Heads"

We love, love, love to hear about co-parenting families that are able to cooperate for their children's sake...even after the introduction of a new significant other.    In the guest-post below, CoParenting101 reader Lauren Navratil shares a blueprint for successful co-parenting that guides her post-divorce reality.  Recently, we became fans of Lauren's honest, insightful, and engaging blog, My Life, Incomplete. Many thanks to Lauren for her openness and for sharing her hard-won wisdom here with our readers. We have so much to learn from each others' journeys!

Lauren and Braden

“Parenting is More Than Just Putting a Roof Over Your Kids’ Heads"

by Lauren Navratil

On my blog, My Life, Incomplete, I write about my life as a divorced, 30-something single mom of a now four-year-old boy.  I share stories of our adventures together, talk about my journey of self-discovery, disclose some details about the reasons I am divorced, express a lot of gratitude for all of my blessings, and talk about my co-parenting relationship with my ex-husband from time to time.

One of my favorite posts, which received great reader response, is The Icing on My Divorce Cake.  It’s about my appreciation for the other woman in my son’s life – my ex-husband’s girlfriend.  I didn’t arrive at this kind of acceptance overnight.  It took some time to get where we are today.  During the course of that time, I learned a thing or two about how to be a single parent in a way that ensures a positive environment for my son in which he can thrive.

Here, I’m going to share with fellow co-parents you some guidelines on how to put your children’s needs first.

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