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When Your Fellow Co-Parent is Openly Hostile Towards You

Brooke Randolph, parenting coordinator

When reader Liz left the following comment on our post about non-custodial parents, we reached out to our friend and parenting coordinator, Brooke Randolph.  Liz wrote:

I am actually a custodial parent who has tried to get the non-custodial parent involved and had little success. He moved out of state, cancels most visits, is sporadic with letters, and forgets to make pre-arranged calls. I have tried very hard to walk a line between supporting my daughters in loving and feeling loved by him while also raising them to be whole people who treat others with respect, accept responsibility, and recognize what good parenting looks like.

My ex is currently moving in with his very young girlfriend who has posted pictures of my children online after being quite specifically asked not to and has blogged about me and my children. She has met them and me exactly one time. I am feeling very concerned about her approach (hostile toward me, possessive and lacking healthy boundaries toward them). As I said, they live out of state so this is not a daily problem but she seems more interested in my children than he does and I have no interest in supporting visits with her when he has yet to forge a relationship with them and they are both openly hostile toward me despite the fact that I am the one raising and supporting my children. Can you suggest any guidelines regarding moving forward with this situation?

Read on for Brooke's response...

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